Dr. Agapaki is an experienced AI product management leader and executive advisor with 10 years of leadership and diverse technical product experiences in public, private and startup sectors. She has deep expertise in evaluating ideas, launching new products to market and scaling high growth startups. Her experience includes AI technical expertise, thought leadership, PMF strategy and product-led growth for deep tech ideas.

Dr. Agapaki has launched products in the technology, manufacturing and oil & gas industries. During her Professorship service at the University of Florida, she validated early-stage ideas and partnered with cross-functional teams, which resulted in generating a $1.5M research portfolio. During her Head of Product role at an AdTech company, she drove 150% revenue growth in Q2 2023. Dr. Eva has been developing AI-driven products for nearly a decade (founded startup out of Ph.D. research, scoped and hired team to develop first AI-product @ PTC, launched AI research lab). She has been trained in disciplined entrepreneurship at top-schools (MIT NSF I-corps training). Her experience with PMF led to building 0-1 products in large tech companies (PTC, AVEVA). She has received multiple AI leadership awards (featured as one of 60 AI leaders, 2022 Outstanding Leadership Award @ Internet 2.0 conference) and is a featured speaker at AI conferences.

Our Unique Experiences

The next wave of successful AI products requires a diverse set of skills, experience and agile practices. We provide our clients with unique AI product innovation packages backed by expertise in:

Our Founder has held multiple positions as Head of Product in startups and Lead Product Management roles in innovation labs of large organizations. She brought challenging 0-1 AI products to market in multiple industries such as manufacturing and AdTech.


AI Product Leadership

Our Founder was an Professor in AI and Product Management at the University of Florida, transforming ideas into multi-million dollar worth products. Hatch Labs is also supported by an advisory board that consists of senior leaders in Big Tech, sustainability and oil & gas industries.


AI Technical Expertise

Hatch Labs brings ideas to market by applying agile practices and using the latest AI tools and advances in applied AI research.


Entrepreneurial Drive