Pre-Launch package. Product discovery by applying the 6-step Evaluate framework to drive growth from PMF to product launch.

Initial Assessment

FREE planning session to identify opportunities and strategic development plan

AI Product Research

Technical and market research analysis based on curated resources and AI tools. AI Product cost/benefit analysis. Strategic planning (alignment between AI and business strategy)

AI Product Discovery and Development

Product strategy sessions, value proposition, incubation, proof-of-concept development, risk analysis and launch planning/AI product roadmap development


Launch package. AI Product Vision & on-going growth.

AI Experimentation planning

Develop A/B testing plan, ML model fine-tuning strategies

Performance tracking

KPI monitoring and tracking (north star and guardrail metrics), optimization strategies and customer experience

AI Risk Management plan

Implementation of risk strategy for potential threats/risks after execution


Post-Launch Package. Scale & grow AI product portfolio across departments/company.

AI Product integrity

Address product quality (ML model adaptation), reliability and safety concerns

AI Product expansion

Strategy and roadmap to scale AI products across departments, customer expansion

AI Product diversification

Identification of new revenue streams and/or customer segments


AI Training. Harness the potential of AI tools (generative AI, computer vision, ML) to transform your business ideas into products. Stay tuned for the upcoming courses in the Hatch Labs Academy!


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